1. Christian Engel
    9th October 2018 @ 12:46 am

    Why do you think that a meat free world would be beneficial to the rainforest? The South American farmers would quickly find other markets for their soya production, if they could no longer produce for meat agriculture. Why should they voluntarily give up their livelihood?The demand for soya products as a human nutrient is certain to rise instead, and other spinoff soya products will appear. We will get a powerful Soya lobby with dollars in its eyes. Making a product popular/politically correct is not a way of diminishing its production.


    • Elise
      11th October 2018 @ 10:22 am

      First of all, soy plantations aren’t even the biggest incentive to cut down the rainforest in South America. An even bigger part of the newly created land is used for animal agriculture (so basically space to keep animals, mostly cows). If no one eats meat anymore, this land will no longer be used for that and can be used for other purposes or can be returned to nature. You are probably right that some of the soy framers would continue to grow soy for human consumption or other purposes. However, if everyone went vegan, we’d need much less agricultural land to feed everyone. There is no reason for farmers to produce tons and tons more food than our world population could possibly consume, so in a vegan world, there would be a whole lot of agricultural land that we would have to find a new purpose for, whether it’s to create non-food consumer goods or just giving it back to nature because farmers and investors will also realize that there’s little profit in large-scale overproduction. So I don’t think that’s much of a worry and even if these farmers would continue to grow the same amount of soy, then the environment would still be a whole lot better off than if we’d all continue to eat meat.


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